Depending on how far away you’re coming from, there are a bunch of different ways to get to CrossingsCon!

Since CrossingsCon isn’t in the US this year, we’ve written several posts on our blog with information on passports, visas and Canadian laws. You can find these posts here.

Getting to Montréal

A shot of the Montréal skyline at dusk

Being a somewhat remote city, there are only a few main arteries to get to Montréal. Most travellers coming from northern or north-eastern US will find themselves routed through one of New York, Albany or Toronto. For those considering routing through Toronto, there are several coach busses and train lines that will get you there from locations like Buffalo, Rochester and Detroit.

By air

The only international airport in Montréal is Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL). Montréal-Trudeau has frequent direct flights from many cities in the US and Canada, and a few direct flights from certain European cities. Many North American airlines have flights to Montréal, however Air Canada has by far the most.

By road

Montréal is close to the Canada-US border, particularly Vermont and New York. The main thoroughfares to Montréal from the north-eastern US are I-87, 89 and 91, taking smaller Canadian highways once you cross the border. Online map software can likely give the best directions.

By coach bus

A few coach bus companies service Montréal, notably Greyhound, TrailwaysNY, and the Canadian branch of Megabus. Both Greyhound and Trailways have similar routes, starting in New York and making stops in Albany and Plattsburgh before crossing the border. There is a Megabus route from Toronto to Montréal, however travellers from the US will need to find some way to get to Toronto first.

By rail

There are two main train lines of interest for travelling to Montreal, the Amtrak Adirondack route (NYC-Montréal), and the Toronto-Montréal VIA rail route. The Adirondack train runs daily and the VIA multiple times a day, however it’s worth noting that the Adirondack train is substantially slower than several coach bus options (11.5 hours versus 9).

By worldgate

Unfortunately the closest major gating complexes are located in Toronto and New York, as Montréal doesn’t quite have the population for gates to spawn naturally. Travellers who are planning to worldgate will need to perform their own transport spell, or use one of the more mundane forms of transport after reaching Toronto or New York.