Q: What does “Slipping Sideways” mean?

A: We’re moving into a parallel universe, so to speak. We’re adapting our plans to better suit a gathering in a digital space. As with any parallel universe, some things will be familiar and some things will be different, but we’re doing our best to ensure that the essence of CrossingsCon is still there, even if we can’t meet in person.

Q: When is Slipping Sideways happening?

A: The con will be spread out over August 1st through 8th, 2021. The exact schedule for the convention is TBD, but we’re aiming for a couple hours of events every day of the convention, both weekend and weekdays, to try and avoid Zoom fatigue. We’ll be varying the time of day events occur to accommodate for different work schedules and time zones.

Q: How much does Slipping Sideways cost?

A: Nothing! We know it’s a tough time for everyone so we’re making the convention completely free. If you’re willing and able to help make the con happen, we have a donation portal open.

Q: Will I still be able to socialize with other people at the con, or will it just be a livestream?

A: Maintaining the social aspect of the con was one of our top priorities when choosing a virtual platform. We think that GatherTown replicates an in-person experience very well, and several other events that have used the platform recommend it highly for this reason. We’ll also be building a custom virtual space in GatherTown that will have hangout rooms in addition to auditorium-style rooms for events. Said space will be open during the whole week of the convention if people want to hop in and hang out with other attendees, even if no event is taking place.

We’re aware that having to learn to use yet another video call platform may not sound ideal, so to make it easier for people we will be releasing a much more detailed post on GatherTown and how it works soon, and our webmaster will be running some tutorial sessions to teach people how to use the platform closer to the convention.

Q: What kind of events will be held?

A: We’re aiming to replicate an in-person CrossingsCon as much as possible, so there will still be the regular mix of panels, workshops, Q&As, and attendee-led events. We’re also hoping that the digital space will let us do some things you’ve never seen before that are only possible digitally! Our events team is still working on the schedule, so stay tuned.

Q: Will the merch that was announced for pick up at the in-person CrossingsCon 2021 still be available/can it be delivered? If I bought a badge for an in-person CrossingsCon 2021 can I get it transferred to the 2022 con?

A: We’ve decided not to make the merch we were originally planning for an in-person convention, so we will be fully refunding people in lieu of making and shipping it out. Badges will similarly be refunded as registration is not yet open for the 2022 con.

If you’d like to donate the price of your badge or merch to help us meet the costs of this year’s virtual con you can reach out to info@crossingscon.org to do so, but we will otherwise refund everyone shortly.